"Are you ready for the meltdown?"

Rhinovault Security Structures  offers ballistic rated skins that can easily be attached to the back of an existing door. Includes ArmorBar locking Device. See bar in action here: armorbar.com Price for the self install panel and bar will range from $800-$1,200 depending on thickness and desired level of protection.

High Carbon Steel and Composites

Bullet Resistant Panels

Armorbar security bar

Each of our doors are hand-crafted and individually designed to high standards. Our commitment to strength and functionality can be seen in every detail in every door we build.

Adding the Armor door shield to the back of a door will stop bullets and intruders from penetration through the door. (see video)

We recommend the shield with the ArmorBar locking device for complete protection.

   If you would like to add more security to you home or business, the ArmorBar retrofit package is the most cost effective method to add ballistic protection against firearms and forced entry to any home or business.


To replace an existing door for a ballistic rated one can cost thousands of dollars and can be very labor intensive. Our ballistic rated system is easy to install and is generally completed in less than one hour. Self installation is easy.

This is a favorable alternative to noisy, messy and time consuming methods used when replacing the doors and locks of standard retrofit of the equivalent level of protection. Why by a new door when you can skin it yourself.

Stop the threat with a simple retrofit, ArmorBar and ballistic Armor Door Shield.

The ArmorBar security device is an excellent solution for adding strength to a door without the expense. armorbar.com

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